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Here, I am Djenn, I semi accidentally became involved with a friend and her husband, I say that because she initiated things that neither he nor I would have considered. We're currently sitting somewhere between a triad and a vee. Sexually it's a vee, due to my not being into girls, but physically and emotionally it's closer to a triad, or is one (I sleep with them, cuddle puddles, etc.) The decision to join was made because we've hit a wall. My girl has become jealous of he and I, in all sorts of interesting ways, due mostly to watching two people she loves fall in love with each other. I don't entirely think it's fair to have joined because of a problem, but It's not a super common relationship issue and the generally suggested "leave" would only make everyone unhappy. I know step one is communication (that also being steps two through infinity), so maybe I'm looking less for a solution than support, the reassurance that as odd as this is it's not a singularity, that it can be overcome.
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