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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Safer sex is Rule Number One in polyamory.

Respect for ALL your partners is also mandatory.

Getting so lost in NRE to the point you neglect the needs of your primary, mother of your children, that's just a douche move and tacky.
Both of my guys are fixed, so babies aren't a factor.
But STD's are ALWAYS a factor.
Not respecting our agreements regarding appropriate safer sex practices results in NO SEX WITH ME AT ALL PERIOD.

Repeated disrespect of those agreements AND others would result in them moving OUT of my home.
I expect my FRIENDS to respect all agreements they make with me, I DAMN SURE expect my partners to respect all agreements they make with me. (and yes-I expect myself to respect agreements I make with them).

It's clear you aren't happy about the poly dynamic.
But I concur with the other poster, this is about YOU AND HIM. It's not about her.
She may be a bad influence-I know all about those-feel free to browse my posts regarding the TERRIBLE scenarios my husband managed to get into.

But-the bottom line is that we ALL have the right to choose and he is choosing that influence and he's choosing his actions.
Which suck.

His responsibility. Not hers.
He has a responsibility to uphold any and all agreements he makes. If he fails to do that-that's on him REGARDLESS of influence.
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