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A woman's orgasm being not guaranteed, often our early sex life comes from a different head space than what is more common for men. So she more often starts by gaining the approval and reaction of men. To be made to feel sexy and wanting to have sex based on the reaction and arousal of the man.
Unfortunately this can result in disappointment for a woman because men tend more towards easy arousal early on. This recedes over time and it happens to some extent in every non casual relationship. And when it happens, the lady in your life does take notice. Depending on how much her arousal is based on your reaction, it can be an ego blow to go from the reaction rate a man has in the initial stages to the reaction rate after he has gotten use to her presence
This is the about maturity. You have described an immature mentality in your partner. She maybe hasn't yet found her own reasons for wanting sex and relies only on the rush of getting a "rise" out of men. You no longer have the reaction of a new lover and she doesn't get the value of you having an appreciation for the whole of her and not just the swell and hole of her . Top it off with behaving like a provider and suddenly the baby girl and daddy stuff isn't so funny?
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