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Crickey, but he's hot.
When I saw him walking towards me, I was thinking, no-way he's ripped and gorgeous, and then what would he want with a 40+ year old! Apart from the obvious
He smelled soooooo good. We had as nearly much fun as you can have whilst still remaining fully clothed. Damn me and my 3 date rule, second date for sure I want to get naked.
We have a tennis date for Saturday. And I will probably see him again tonight. Did I say he was hot? Wow, so hot. He picked me up multiple times and carried me around, totally buff. No "you're tall" comment. A very large plus in my book. And he made me a cup of tea.
Didn't have the STD talk. But he is open to open relationships, I didn't mention the word poly. He is currently single, wants a partnery type thing, go out, do things, but remain independent. I told him that I see someone else and he was fine with that.
What is the word for the week? Twitterpated? I couldn't tell you the last time I met someone and was drooling over them in the first 30 seconds.
Smart, trilingual, employed, apartment (clean), car, doesn't live with his mother.
Me: mid 40s female.
Mr Dom: late 40s. 2 years. in a rough patch
Mr Tulip: early 40s. very recent lover.
Mr Eeyore: early 50s recently recycled former lover.
Prof: late 50s. still around 5 years on.
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