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Well, the thing is (correct me if I'm wrong, LR) that Maca used to date as a way to keep things even between him and LR. He used to feel like, "She has a boyfriend, no fair! I need a girlfriend to even the score." And so out of his desperate need to keep pace (in his mind) with her, he rushed into situations and tried forcing himself to fit with somebody, anybody, even if they were totally wrong for him and his dynamic at home, because he thought that was better than dealing with his unresolved issues about his relationship with LR, and how he felt about the "unfairness" of seeing LR with GG (her bf).

Hence, drama.

Now it seems he's been pondering what he wants and is willing to go slowly so he doesn't try to get ahead of himself again. He's not doing it "just because she's got someone," he's doing it because he wants to. And (hopefully) he recognizes that his past methods of trying to create relationships out of situations that were clearly problematic is what put him in hot water before. It sounds like he's not trying to compete with LR anymore - and has forgiven her - and that's a good thing.
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