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Default Why hide?~

I just don't understand why it seems like many people at least on these forums make some kind of effort to hide their multiple relationships.~

I understand that some times the relationships some one might be involved can be complicated to explain, but I don't think one must explain their relationships to any degree other than that which they choose to.~

In other words: you don't have to explain all of your relationships to every person and when you do feel like explaining you can explain as little or as much as much you like, I don't understand why so many on these forums seem they would rather lie or avoid telling the truth about their relationships.~

Is this similar to the fear of being a homosexual and telling some one, who doesn't seem to have had any experience nor knowledge of homosexuals, that you are indeed a homosexual, the fear stemming from the fact that you do not know how they may react to this information?~

I'm very intrigued by this subject and I've been wondering about this for awhile now.~


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