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Default YES, I did ask!

Yes, I did ask. And I am so very grateful for the support.

I love the idea of the structure.

We have no social media contact. Phone nor text are not an issue. The primary issue is the email. I have blocked chat and even put his emails in the trash - but I check the trash and it starts all over again.

I have asked him numerous times for a pause. But he's not willing to do it. I know he's an okay guy. I don't think he;s purposefully disrespecting me. But I do think he has a need he's not acknowledging.

So, practically, what do I do when I'm compelled to "check trash?" When I'm compelled to respond. Are you as close to your people now as you were or want to be?

I'm so frustrated. I have been on countless dates and hook-ups but keep getting stuck back here.
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