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I would think that'd be enough ... wouldn't it?

The point is that this is a website for people to share thoughts, feelings, ideas, questions, comments, and concerns, especially as relates to polyamory. It is a place for conversation free from the cares of the marketplace. Any post that says, "Buy this; buy that," or that shoves some kind of product or merchandise in your face, is attempting to change from relationship support and comraderie into a wall of unwanted, unsolicited advertising. That's spam, and spamming is a cheap, disgusting, unpopular thing to do. This isn't a commercial site, nor is it Facebook (and even Facebook requires you to advertise through proper channels). If you've been spamming us (and it looks like you have), please stop doing it. If you're going to inhabit this forum at all, do so in a way that adds some class to the site.

I think you are looking for some clever little loophole you can use to continue your unwholesome practices and somehow require the mods to allow it. "I didn't technically break the rules." Well, I'm afraid that's not how it works. The mods have the power and privilege to remove your posts -- and ban you -- for any reason at any time. They're not going to be answerable to you. If they see a post and think, "This looks like spam," they're going to delete it. They don't have to explain themselves to anyone. In fact if something is offensive or off-topic in any way, they have every right to delete that post as well, and/or ban the poster as they see fit.

Of course the mods will try to be reasonable and start with warnings as appropriate, but don't expect them to go easy on you given the obvious intentions you have to peddle your wares. Spam isn't looked upon kindly by anyone here. It is dealt with swiftly and decisively. Go ahead and try to get away with it; you'll find out what I mean.

If I thought you were serious about being a beneficial part of, then I'd advise you to carefully read the site guidelines. I'd say look for mentions of spam and spamming in two particular posts: and

... but even the guidelines aren't some legal document that the mods can be held to, nor do said guidelines cover every conceivable situation comprehensively. They are only guidelines. That is, they give you a general idea of what's expected of you, and what consequences you can expect if you violate the letter and/or spirit of the law. To summarize, if you are a spammer (and I see that you are), then you'd best tuck your tail between your legs and go find another, less-vigilant site to pollute. It won't fly on this site.

While speaking only as a member, as I am not a moderator; I can only speak from own understanding of the rules,
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