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Ginger then proceeded to tell me that just then, that woman Mischa wanted to come visit. She lives 30 miles west of us, but works closer a couple days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday. So, she asked to come Tuesday night and was open to spending the night if he wanted.


Here I thought she'd dumped him soon after he was expressing issues with starting a relationship since she had an active herpes lesion the first time they met.

I barely reacted when he told me this. miss p and I went down to our girl cave to drown our sorrows in a couple hours of Breaking Bad on Netflix.

Meanwhile Ginger posted to me that the GUY he tried to date also IMed him on okc while Ginger wasn't online, but he was signed off by the time Ginger saw the message.

Can you believe this? It's raining, it's pouring, for my bf.

This morning he was all solicitous in our chat... He says he's done with the guy, not interested.

But he invited Mischa to spend the night, and she and he agreed she would IF it was OK with me. I said, "Go ahead, who cares about my feelings? I'm not the boss of you." I hate when I get sarcastic like this, but I feel against the wall here.

He had said "You know where Mischa and I stand--" as far as kissing, oral sex, fucking, because of her herpes. But I said, "Well, you're considering being with Buddhist and she's got herpes too, so that is hypocritical." But apparently Buddhist has only had one lesion in the past 10 years, whereas Mischa has had more even since the last time she and Ginger saw each other.

Turns out he and she have been occasionally messaging on FB since the time I thought she dumped him. He says they have an understanding of "just friends...." but, see above: Rock Star sexual charisma, groupies throwing themselves at him.

I can't imagine something sexual won't go on when she's in his goddam bed tonight.

Meanwhile, no next date set with Buddhist, but she did break up with one of her 2 bfs yesterday and has been telling Ginger all about that! Sounds like she is clearing her plate to be with him more.

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