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WHAT do you hope to experience?
  • love share with another person?
  • sex share with another person?
  • Love + sex share with another person?
  • Something else?

HOW would it be good for you?

WHAT open model interests you most? HOW would you tweak it to suit you and your partner and make space for new partner(s)?

Because right now I hear "I might be willing to polyship. I am not sure I am able to polyship."

I am not hearing "I AM willing to polyship. I AM able to polyship."

(I am not hearing where your current partner's willingness and ability for polyshipping are at either.)

Maybe you are both willing and able to read links together? Not more than that at this time while you think it out?

You might not know if you can handle polyshipping at this time, but you CAN handle talking to your BF in open/honest ways at this time.

The worst that happens is what? Some shared mental/emotional intimacy and greater understanding of each other. Doesn't sound horrible to me!

What you do after gaining that greater understanding -- that's all up to you two.


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