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Thank you. I'm sorry if I put you off. Under any other circumstances, I keep my cool really well, but I've been avoiding problems and my wife has been avoiding problems for so long that they're finally catching up to us. That, and we're still coming off our winter depression. We both suffer from some degree of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Combine that with her being ordered off birth control for three months by her doctors (and now she's finally going back on it), and you've got one hell of an emotional roller coaster, propelled by unbalanced chemicals and shitty circumstances, built on a foundation that has been left slightly in disrepair.

Also, once I get started, I tend to ramble.

Your willingness to listen and your intelligent, concise replies have been more than helpful. I'm still panicked, to be honest, but the sick feeling is ebbing a little bit.

Thank you.

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