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Originally Posted by BigGuy View Post
maybe it's just a little separation anxiety
Personally, I think this is an astute observation. It seems to me that, yes you love your husband, and you also love this other couple. In a sense, to you, it feels like part of the tribe is missing; think about it: when a family, tight-knit and close and loving, splits itself up, it's going to feel like something's missing, right? You felt so happy with this new couple, then they were taken away, it feels like the budding flower is just gone and you want it back. something feels "off," awry, you just want it settled and to come back. More time spent with the whole tribe, because you love them all and the whole group feels incomplete without, well, the whole group, would be better. In my humble opinion, finding a totem is a good coverup solution, but it's no replacement for having back the fuller, more profound love that you miss. Yet, acknowledging that you feelings of fear and anxiety are not abnormal and are nothing to worry about is healthy too. There's no emergency, no rush in returning to those new loves. Breathe and enjoy what you have rest and feel okay with whatever love you have in that single moment. Manifested fears, in your case, I believe, are nothing truly worth fearing like the "fear of being replaced" would suggest.
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