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I think the bulk of the cynicism is directed more at the refusal of many monogamous people to admit or consider the implications of the fact that we are all attracted to many people. It's not so much that they choose to be monogamous, which I respect fully, it's the people that act as if telling the truth about this, being honest with your partner and making honest decisions is somehow dangerous or dysfunctional.

I think no matter how you come to it, thinking about and/or participating in polyamourous relationships almost forces you to grow and face yourself and your motivations and love yourself and your loved ones for who you really are. I think it's frustrating that some people put such a wall up in talking with me about that growth because they are threatened.

Obviously there are other ways to attain growth and there is nothing wrong with monogamy. I think it's that blind refusal to see the merit in this experience that makes it tough to keep approaching people to share what is going on with me. To some I've told, I am a sort of hero now, but they don't necessarily agree in the context of their own lives. Others are taking bets as to how long my marriage will last.

In the end it doesn't matter, as long as I am realistic with myself and keep loving people as well as I can.
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