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Smile Not sure what this means

Got another e-mail today form JP. Sent from work (the only account he has, as I explained in the previous post), but cc'ing A's account.

Said they were almost through with counseling, whatever that means - something like one more session. And then he thanked me for the quarters, and other general chitchat.

I've responded in kind. I'll be curious to see what happens next. B said he didn't think JP had disappeared forever. But the stories I've been reading on this forum made me think that perhaps chances were pretty slim, given A's perception of cheating, and that cheating seems to rarely be the beginning of something that works out. I'm frankly surprised that after 2 months they're just about done with counseling.



M - Me female, 59 - _trying_ to figure out if I'm poly
B - 56 - my husband for over 34 years
JP - 58 - my high school boyfriend, newly appeared in the picture after 38 years; very long distance; haven't actually seen him
A - 65? - JP's wife of over 30 years
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