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B is now back from his trip out of state. How do I know? He burned up my phone ALL DAY yesterday messaging me almost non-stop. First, he told me how he had spent so much time missing me and thinking about me, and how he was really wanting to see me. (Our last date was Dec 5.) so, we have a date set now for tonight when he gets out of work.

I told him how I had been thinking about him, but in the context of how we had had unprotected sex and so I had to wait to get retested and not have sex with anyone else for a month! He was contrite about that, but also kind of nonchalant - that he knew he was clean because he had been tested a year ago, and hadn't been with anyone but me, and had been having AIDS tests frequently because of his job. I was like yeah, you knew that, and I knew that, but D and M didn't. But, now that I have tested clean again, it's all good.

Holy crap I have never had hotter sexting in my life. I had to stop and go masturbate twice. And this was even though D and I have had sex 3 days in a row, which for him is some kind of crazy record. I seriously felt like I was going to burn out my synapses in my brain, I was SO horny. Even though B was trying to set up like, a real date, I told him later that I just want sex tonight. Honestly, I want it really bad from him!

So the plan is for him to pick me up from my house, get pizza, go to a local sex shop where he is going to buy me a new toy, and then go back to his place for a sleepover. I am seriously not going to want to eat any of the food - just thinking about how hot tonight is going to be has me all worked up already.


I talked on and off with A yesterday, and I am waiting to hear back as to when he is coming over to meet D this week. He is supposed to make an appointment for his std testing too.
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