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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Oh, and tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary of our first date. It's obvious that hasn't even occurred to him.
Remind him. Suggest doing something together. Dates are not meaningful to me particularly either. After 40 years on the planet, I still can't remember my mum's birthday. Or the birthday of any of my nephews.

Beyond knowing it was sometime in the summer of 2010, I couldn't say when the anniversary is of my partner and I meeting again for the first time.


P.S. I meant it when I said that I have the utmost confidence in your ability to deal with this well. You are one of the people on this board who fill me with hope with your writings. You care about your loves and want them to be happy (in fact, you care about people in general) and you are intentional about the life you lead - so, I think that the things are in place that will allow you to find a way to deal with this well.
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