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"I don't get involved in their sex life with the exception of ensuring protection, as they don't feel any of it is my business."
Not your business? Really? If your husband's sex life isn't your business, I don't know what is.

"As she put it to me today, she doesn't ask about our sex life ..."
Which is frankly foolish on her part. (Assuming she's not lying about that!)

"I simply want to ensure health and non-pregnancy."
Which is exactly what is your business.

"As far as the kids, I try really hard to ensure they don't see me cry or fight with him."
Which probably helps, but kids are keener than we tend to think. They're in tune and know on some level when Mom isn't doing well.

One silver lining is that your husband is probably experiencing NRE with A which clouds his judgment. NRE wears off after oh, several months or a year or so. So if you want to try to ride that out you can. Maybe he'll come to his senses eventually.

It's not looking good though.
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