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Kevin, he used to be respectful and kind. she is a terrible influence.i dont know how i can say ditch this person you love if she continues to be rude.ive tried my best to be kind to her even after the sneaking around and disrespect she has shown. we donate plasma regularly and they test for all STI's. I read a forum on here once that said to set boundaries.I did and when i just pointed that out to him,he said well we did t get to set boundaries. I dont get involved in their sex life with the exception of ensuring protection,as they dont feel any of it is my business. as she put it to me today, she doesnt ask about our sex life.. What right would she have,she knows the important stuff- im mono and hes only sleeping with the two of us. Idont ask about positions or anything like that. I simply want to ensure health and non pregnancy.
as far as the kids, i try really hard to ensure they dont see me cry or fight with him. Thankfully, his sisters live close so they spend a lot of time with them. as the night goes on, the more i think separation is the best option. I dont want to force a decision but i know im worth more.he said if it came down to her or me,it would be me. but his actions say something else. Thank you so much for validating my feelings are normal! I hate being jealous of her.
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