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Thanks Kevin, we do have 2 children,a 10 yo and a 7 yo.Neither know what is going on at all. there is no reason for him to act this way other than selfishness.Due to the long distance,hes always texting her. if i ask for time with him without the phone, he gets mad. As his wife i just think i should have more respect. when i asked her why she loeft marks and didnt make him use a condom, she just said he cant keep his mouth shut. she asked him why he didnt just lie. Thats not something i want from him and if that is how things will be,then i will leave. I told him last night that he needed to choose. I feel like i deserve better treatment. If he doesnt believe that i should have any opinions or respect then thats that. He thinks its wrong for me to make him choose and that i dont want him, not the real him. I just want to be loved and respected as an individual and his wife and mother to his children. Im at my limit with both of them
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