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Thank you everyone for writing.

IP- I did watch Breaking Bad. I love the actor who plays Walter Junoir. I have heard that he exaggerates his CP for the show, but I've actually never seen him interviewed. I think that character is wonderful for the image of people with CP.

I have been very busy. I'm doing a kickstarter for the book I'm writing and it has been going well, but I miss writing. I have spent weeks writing people personal letters asking for funding. And then writing thank yous. It is hard, but I am very grateful for the support I've gotten.

So, boys. I ended up having sex with the older guy I mentioned before (we'll call him Paul). He miraculously decided that he was willing to use condoms. It was something out a movie. I was working at the library, he emailed. I took a cab to his hotel. He paid the taxi. We fucked. We went off to dinner separately. The sex was just OK, but it felt like such a relief, a letting go.

Then, I was all set to go on a date with a guy this weekend. I was really into him and he was the first guy who had asked me to do something other than meet for a drink. We emailed back and forth. But then, he vanished at the last minute. Then, he came back (a week later) and said that his flight was delayed and he'd be "in touch." By that time, I'd more or less gotten over the disappointment.

Then, I heard from the one I love. He emailed on Friday. Some brief back and forth .Then I went out with a friend of his. This is a touchy situation because the friend knows about "us" but my ex hasn't told him yet. (anything) But,. something big happened. Our mutual friend said that my ex finally started to talk to him about how unhappy he was with his wife... after 10 years! my "ex" doesn't open up to even his closest friends, so this felt like huge progress. I am happy for both of them
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