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Maca and I had a date night Friday. First one since July when I went to Kodiak to see him.
He brought up dating. What he wanted to address, was where he is compared to where he was when last the topic was on the table.
Basically; the interest is renewed for him. But he doesn't feel like it is a good time to act on it. He is ready to converse about the possibility. But thinks that there is too much going on, with him just returning and trying to re-settle into "family life", school, him out of work, etc to take on any new *potential* drama. He also said ilye really feels winter isn't the prime time to embark on anything *new* in light of my depression issues.
He wants to start going out to play pool and darts once a week, which will get him out in a social environment and potential for meeting people in general. Then possibly consider opening himself up for dates in April or May.
He is very determined to not rush headlong into the unknown again, having recognized that it tends to create some hefty consequences that he doesn't like.

Overall; I was simply impressed at the amount of forethought and consideration he put into it. Quite the change from when he was just trying to "get even".
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