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I had a little bit of sadness yesterday, in regard to M. I threw away his toothbrush. That triggered me thinking about him later - how upset he made me, straight up promising that I would not lose my overnights during Christmas and New Years, that I would not be treated like I was secondary in that time frame, and how I was a priority, only to completely flip on every single one of those statements, and act like I was being unreasonable. I laid in bed last night feeling angry that he had done that, angry that he had broken promises before, yet I still allowed myself to believe him, angry at myself for loving him when he was so clearly not truthful about the type of poly he was practicing.


I didn't cry, but I did lay there and feel upset for a short while. D held me close in silence while I processed things. He is such a support.

I updated my OKC profile to reflect that I am seeing someone. I put in the first sentence that I only wanted contact from poly guys, 90%+ matches. I got over 100 visitors in the first half of the day! And one message, from a poly guy about an hour away that is a 70% match but with whom I had instant chemistry through messaging and who is absolutely gorgeous.

So I now have two sexy hot long distance poly guys who want to meet me. When it rains, it pours.
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