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I couldn't make it to the date with OKE, as I will call him. We might meet this afternoon or early evening. I am going out with friends for dinner, yeah, Saturday night out! I have pictured him in my head like the turtle from Finding Nemo, " as I was like duuuude" and " and I was like Whoah". That kind of thing, not too sure why, he looks vaguely like someone I met a while back who did speak like that. Even weirder is we did speak on the phone and he doesn't talk like that at all.

Shortly after I posted here yesterday, OKJ left a VM and a text saying he would like to see me again. OKJ is the intense guy. As I am not sure what time the kids are due back tomorrow,so we have set up a brunchy kind of thing.
4 hours later...A few nice texts. He enjoyed meeting, was aware that he dominated the conversation, even said he is glad he didn't scare me off, wanted to hear me speak more, is intrigued, and "kinda likes that you are tall, thin and firm." Oh, I am a tall!!!! Not sure about any of those adjectives to be honest But they are meant kindly, I think

Kip couldn't make it yesterday, he called whilst I was having a nap/passed out exhausted on the sofa. I took the kids out with my friend plus 3 dogs for a huge walk, came back, did a cooked lunch, cleaned and up and settled down to watch a movie. Zzzzzzzzz. He thought I had been crying and wanted me to tell him what was the matter. I said, no I was asleep, he said you can tell me anything, you know I love you dearly and I miss you. Wow, that was out of the blue. Two, "I miss yous" in as many days! I really had to reassure him that I was fine and was just waking up. I was heavily asleep, I should thank my lucky the stars the kids didn't decide to burn the flat down, but they were pooped too.

I have decided to fess up to reading the emails when I see him on Monday. It is not sitting right with me, either we can discuss it and continue to see each other, or we don't. He has told me about 2 OKC meets he has set up for next week, so some progress in that department.

Prof wants to meet and talk. Not too sure where I can squeeze that in. I am open to listening and hearing that he has made radical and sweeping changes to his agreements with S. As if.

Apart from resolutions to meet new people and not binge ( for the next 4 months) on Cadbury mini-eggs, (they are in the shops today! Last year was the 11th, year before the 4th, year before the 9th; yes, I keep a record) the big one is to not be a sneaky, lying, complicit cow. I will hear what he has to say, communication skills opportunity, but have sincerely doubt anything will be new or different. I am not walking that path again, I am still burning with shame on that one.
Me: mid 40s female
Mr Dom: late 40s. 6 months
Prof: 50s. 3 years.

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