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Oh to be a minority within a minority within a current relationships have devolved from a true quad, formed by two couples who shared mates. We are two lesbian couples (substitute butch-femme for guy-girl and you've got it). My two loves (my primary partner and my OSO) are/were also involved with a woman with whom I was not involved. She and I shared our loves, and called each other punaluas (lovers of our lover). The other original couple (my OSO and my punalua) have since broken up as lovers but remain friends and financial partners. So our quad is now more like a box with a dotted line, or two Vs. Further complicating this is the very recent/pending break-up of my primary and her OSO, my punalua. So we may be down to a broken V. Are we still poly? I may be the only one left in my quad who so identifies. But we were great while we lasted (almost 5 years...)
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