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Hank spent last weekend at Janet's place (she lives in a different city). Apparently it's looking like they won't be building a relationship beyond friendship at this point.

Rory spent that same weekend at my place. It was wonderful. For once we had the whole weekend together, uninterrupted quality time. We talked about everything, had a looong bath, had sex.. It was just what we needed at that point. <3

We've decided that when Alec moves to Home Country in a few months, rory will temporarily move in with me and Hank. We'll give it a few months and see how it goes and then decide if it's something all three of us want to continue doing or not. We have to renew the contract of our current place in August anyway, so I think we have to make some decisions before that. It's quite exciting and scary at the same time. Big things. Good things.
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