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I suppose we would be in this stage.... Although I have known and loved them both for nearly 4 years, after our love rekindled (not quite the right word, as it never died out, but I suppose, came back together) I was again on this emotional high. I talk about them incessently to anyone I am 'out' to and who will listen. My cube at work is covered with pictures of them and our family (20, I counted). I send them messages and little love notes pretty well every day. When I was there I wanted nothing more than to be around them constantly. Never to lose out on a moment when I knew the moments were counting down.
I can see how it can be extended with a long distance relationship. I don't think there's a relationship out there thats more long distance than ours. The waiting and longing and needing just draws everything out longer. Delayed gratification. Finally the feeling of being with that person (or those people) is so amazing and gives you such a high... I can defenately see it lasting longer.
As this new stage in our life begins (my moving out there, and lol I have known them both a long time and have been in their home so no worries here about the unknown and dangerous issues you were speaking about earlier) we will have to see how this goes...
There is defenately that 'depth' between us... as not only am I infatuated with them both (obviously I am) but am truely in love with them as well..knowing them and loving them individually for who they are... a perk of an online start of a relationship is you really get to know the person very well... I can see us all three, old and grey still together and loving one another wholly..
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