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Continuing from the last post:

Yeah, A and I are more serious now. He told me he isn't looking to date anyone else and is happy with just S and me. His type of poly is very much polyfi and he wants to be able to have everyone hang out together and have no drama. So far so good. He sent D a message without me knowing, introducing himself, giving him his phone number and asking him to please contact him if he has any questions about his intentions, type of poly or anything at all. D let me know right away, and it both amused him, and pleased him. We are scheduling something this week at my house - maybe a board game or karaoke - so my two guys can meet.

A knows I am still seeing other people and seems fine with it.

The differences between the type of poly A and S practice and what I had grown used to with M and H are legion. SO not even similar.

I don't feel NRE yet with A, though it is right there below the surface. whenever I think of him I feel squee. Right now I feel bubbly and happy.

Tonight I was watching the Big Bang Theory and I was thinking that A looks a lot like Leonard, only with a goatee.
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