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Oh what the hell! I swear I wrote a new post yesterday and apparently it has disappeared. Gah!


I had another conversation with C3 and I am done with the idea of ever dating him. For real, this time.

My test results came back clean - for everything, including Herpes type I, which surprised me. A is making an appointment for his tests, Tues or Thurs next week.

B messaged me saying he wants to see me soon.

I had a date night with A on Thursday and the weather was so terrible, I ended up sleeping over. No penetrative sex, but lots of fun. We stayed up talking and snuggling until 4:30 am.

My new metamour not only welcomed me into their home before A arrived, (bad weather had him running late) but she made everyone dinner and wrote me a thank you card the next morning! She left me a bag of chai and a dark chocolate granola bar for breakfast, since she had already left for work. Unbelievable!

X kept messaging me, so I told him I wasn't interested. The guy from the game store is still messaging me, but it doesn't feel like it is going anywhere. I am setting up a date with another guy that lives 90 minutes NE of me - he is willing to drive - because we have 96% match and he is hella cute.
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