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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
Here's to love, health and HAPPINESS in the New Year!

Good Luck!
Than you so much, Jane. So far 2014 has been pretty much as expected (in a good way!).

I worked NYE. I got home about a half hour before midnight, Lady was here with Hubby, and we just ate dinner and relaxed and I got to see the love of my life get all giddy as he kissed me then his girlfriend at midnight. It was adorable and relaxing and fun. I'm enjoying getting to know Lady more, which is interesting because I have known her for over a year and never really felt like we clicked well. Maybe we have more incentive now.

Hubby and I also hung out with Yarn and her husband last weekend. It was nice to eat, drink, play games, then cuddle up on the couch with her and watch a movie while the guys continued playing. Fell asleep on the couch, actually.

Boy and I have been talking more seriously the last week or so. The end of the year approaching had us both a bit contemplative, which led to some interesting discussions. He feels like he has gotten a bit jaded about life in general and doesn't try as hard. Which leads to guilt because something he would have fought for in the past gets given up on now. Like his relationship with me. I found that interesting. I reiterated that I knew in the beginning that he was going through a lot of stuff, the timing was NOT good when we were dating, and that he needs to figure himself out before he's going to be able to dedicate himself to someone(s) like he wants to. I'm really glad we're friends again - I forgot how well Boy understands me, and he has said more than once that he missed being able to talk to me and really appreciates my feedback and advice and general acceptance/helpfulness.

Dinner with Radio and Brave this weekend, I hope. Hubby is slightly nervous that they may be interested in a FWB type relationship with the two of us, which he would be interested in but isn't sure how it would affect his budding sexual relationship with Lady. Radio is wanting to get more serious about dedicating time for the two of us to hang out, as well, which would be fun although I don't think I will ever "fall in love" with him or anything too serious.
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