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Up to her to make them realize...what?

She's made them aware of how she feels. A few times by her own account. So they have a sense of how what they do is affecting her. She's told them.

They are not dinging her totally unaware.
They are not dinging her thoughtlessly.
They are dinging her knowingly.

If she says "no" but folds when fusspotted at in her behavior? She has taught them that when she says "no" she will fold when fusspotted at.

So the next time she says "no" they try to fusspot at her to get their way because she has taught them her "no" can be gotten around. And... here we go again.

After a few times of this merry-go-round one can only conclude that the inconsiderate people remain inconsiderate and do not respect her "no" limit. They have no intention to change. They might SAY they do, but their actions speak louder.

Because they don't have to realize anything. They are groovy how they are. She cannot make them realize changing helps her -- because they do not care to change their behavior. It serves them well. They hear a "No", they will fusspot to turn it into a "yes." Give an inch, take a mile type people.

She could realize they are this type of people, and change her own behavior.
She could stop associating with the meta by stopping polyshipping.
She could stop associating with the BF by not bothering to monoship with him post polyship experiment.

Or not. Up to her what she wants as her next behavior and to what extent she wants to go in pursuit of her own happiness. She could REDUCE her stress load and lose the meta, or she could ELIMINATE her stress load and lose both of them.


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