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I'm glad that things are going well in your eyes Vexxed...

I wonder what she would say, if she notices that you aren't confident? I am a very perceptive person and tend to be able to read right through someones "faking it til they make it" way of being. I wonder if she does? It doesn't sound like it and you say she seems to have a good time. Hmmm... if it were me you were dating, eventually I would have to confront you with this and ask you about the way you are acting. I think I would be very disappointed that I don't know the real you, lack of confidence and all, and would feel lied to. I tend to prefer people who are honest about where they are at even if they are whiny and needy. I would prefer to address that than have them avoid it... usually someone is whiny and needy because they are not getting their needs met after all and I would struggle to be with anyone that I think isn't talking to me openly about their needs and mine.

You are an interesting person Vexxed. I am thoroughly confused and interested by the situation you are in. To me it seems she is either using you for some reason or she hasn't noticed you enough (perhaps because she has so many other lovers?) to engage you in any kind of depth? Or maybe it doesn't really matter to her..?. or maybe she thinks that the facade you sometimes put on is real? Very interesting...

Thanks for sharing with us, I can imagine that it would be very frustrating and difficult to deal with all you seem to deal with. I think I would of moved on by now to someone I could be closer with and who I can share myself completely with. You said in another thread that you were well noticed by the poly women you know, what happened to all of them? She must be some kind of wonderful woman.
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