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Well-that went well.
GG and I went for a drive, down to the coffee shop, I bought him a coffee and myself a chai tea. Then we returned to the van because the relationship topic was a bit too personal for the coffee shop.
He opened with saying he understood why I pulled back, apologizing for not upholding his responsibility to make time for us and asking to know what exactly my boundaries are at the moment, because he doesn't know "how far back" I've pulled.
We talked about that and clarified some of the issues with his job. He acknowledged that in choosing to take a job that he knew in advance was going to push and push and push-that he choose to put himself in the position of having to put his foot down OR let them walk through his life and push everyone and everything else out. Including me.

It wasn't an easy conversation. It doesn't solve everything.
But we are at least both on the same page of understanding where we are today.
Tomorrow is another day.
We'll see how things go from here.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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