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All fairly quiet here. I am might see Kip today, if not today then Monday for sure. He said he misses me which is unusual for him. I think it has been 2 weeks.
I got 4-5 inches cut off my hair yesterday. Just below shoulder length bob. It looks really good, I am will play with the color next, possibly something red again. It has been well over a year since I was red head.

Classes have been changed and deferred for a month. Luckily I called because they had scheduled 2 in one month, which would not be covered by student loans. I had already told them not to do that. The intern part requires 12 projects, I just couldn't do that with a regular classes on top and the 12 projects need to be tied into completed classes. I suppose some people can do that, but I know the classes alone are time demanding. So the next one will start in February. There is to much to do at work to start one right now.

I have an OKC date tonight. He texted me some bathroom chest pics, and asked that I reciprocate, I said I don't do that when haven't met. The conversation ended. I thought it was done. But he texted again still wanting to meet, if i can get a sitter I will go an hour or so.

I didn't hear from last week's meet again, which is fine, he was quite intense, some very strong opinions for a first date.

I am also keeping an eye on a few meet-up groups, and have been for quite a while. I never seem to be free on the right weekends, so will join a few that are kid friendly. Aim for the year is to work on casual social interactions, rather challenging for an INTJ.
Me: mid 40s female.
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