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Originally Posted by wildflowers View Post
These days, I think of therapy as training in life skills. We generally manage to live, but most of us could do it "better" - get more satisfaction from it, create fewer obstacles for ourselves, experience less conflict. And one path towards that is being as aware as possible of what we're thinking and feeling, and what our underlying assumptions are.
And I think you're right. Too often, it's the day-to-day that's difficult to manage well - stress from a job, relationship stress, finances. After my initial reaction passed (which really didn't take too long - I guess you could call it more of a flare-up), I thought more like the above. Anything that can help be in a better frame of mind over the things that do and will happen is a good thing. Thanks again.

As for today, I think we're just going to leave the care with the mechanic (he still hasn't received the part), P's going to come up here, and we'll just leave tomorrow morning for NYC instead of leaving from his place, which is a bit closer.

I *was* hoping to go to Olneyville NY System tonight (best "weenahs" in RI), but hey. Getting the car fixed and then getting the heck out beats gorging myself on food that's bad for me, regardless of how enjoyable it is.
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