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Thanks Big Guy. I didn't even tell him the topic of the fight, I just told him that we were fighting. One of the agreements we made getting into this was we must stay out of each other's fights. A fight between me and hubby is a fight between me and hubby, a fight between me and boyfriend is a fight between me and boyfriend. He didn't push on the what are you fighting about issue, or anything like that, he was just trying to make me smile is all.

It's the kind of guy he is, he likes to see people smile and laugh. He is a bit of a goof ball and that is why I fell in love with him way back when and why I feel back in love with him now.

I have since had a talk with him and told him that he does just need to give me a chance to be mad from time to time. I know that is going to be hard for him cause that is the kind of guy he is.
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