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Originally Posted by Tigergirl View Post
"Jewish men tend to be date rapists."
I almost spit coffee at my computer screen; this is freaking hysterical!!

Originally Posted by Tigergirl View Post
People seemed like they were ready to assume knowledge on his part as her partner and to shun him as well, without any conversation with him.
This sounds an awful lot like high school. Is this a group of adults?

Honestly there is no telling what your metamour actually said but regardless, if they were offended then they should have put on their big girl panties and told her. This skulking around in dark corners and discussing who they will ensnare in their cowardly dealing with some alleged statement is for kids.

I would give the statement no weight and if people want to inform on your other friends to you again stop them right then and there "Sorry, I'm not really interested in this kind of gossip... it's just hurtful for no good reason". Another version of the statement can be simply said with an eye roll and "Oh grow up. What am I, your camp counselor?"
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