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Originally Posted by NettleSparks8551 View Post
I am not in the slightest bit okay with them being a couple.
I think that horse has already bolted.
It's led to me feeling very much on the outside of everything. I was much happier when it was just me and my boyfriend and that was it.
Then end the relationship, stop being a doormat.
This is not to say that I wouldn't be open to something like this with someone in whom we had both developed an interest.
Please don't go down that road, more often than not, the exact same scenario you are experiencing now happens anyway because feelings change over time and that person you were initially interested in, losing favour.

I do have another question: Is the purpose of a vee to transition into a triad or is it a standalone relationship in and of itself?
It is a stand alone relationship, most vees never become triads, a frequent amount of triads seem to end up becoming vees though.
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