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Never a dull moment.
Got an email this morning from GG saying he is getting off work early and asking if we could do coffee today so we could talk.
Wonders may never cease.

Ok-sarcasm dropped.
Of course I am going to go.
I'm a bit frustrated its taken so long for it to be important enough for him. BUT-I have known for 20 years that he is A) a procrastinator and B) so low key he doesn't tend to respond quickly to ANYTHING.
So-I will work on processing that frustration and give him my time and attention.

On another note:
It's becoming obvious that Maca is considering dating again. He hasn't decided TO start dating yet. But the topic is coming up more frequently. I think the biggest thing holding him back, is that he's not actually a very social person and meeting women (or anyone) requires he be social.
He used to play darts (league). He bought a dart board and has been playing darts in the garage A LOT. Last night he mentioned that he had researched places to play online and found out where he could go locally to play. He explained the details, said he thought we could go there as a couple "on a date" and he could play a little bit; and as an after-thought suggested I could play too if I wanted.
It was kind of cute. I don't DO competition like that. For example; I LOVE to play pool. He played league for that too. At the time, I went with him regularly and practiced with him. i was good enough to play on the team with him-but I just don't enjoy it. I want my "fun stuff" to remain "fun stuff". Anyway; clearly we will be going out to the bar to play darts.
It just so happens to also be the bar where the poly people we know in our area also go hang out and play pool. I'm sure that isn't a coincidence.

But-he's going slow (so far). Hopefully he sticks to that. I've removed myself so far from all of the poly circles locally. I would prefer to keep it that way. I realize he needs SOME involvement from me, so that if he does meet someone they know I'm ACTUALLY ok with him dating. That's fine. But I don't want to go join in poly get togethers etc.
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