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Default being bold in public

I had an opportunity to be rather bold in public this past weekend, here's what happened

My bf and I were at a comedy club and were seated right near the stage. At one point, the comedian sees my bf and I holding hands and asks us a few simple questions, 'How long have you two been together?", I answer '8 months' he replies 'Ah, no wonder you're still holding hands, I give it another year'. Audience chuckles and comedian continues on. He had a good act, but the audience didn't seem that impressed, only a few chuckles now and then.

He turns back to my bf and I later and asks us if we've ever been married, we look at each other and my bf replies 'No, but she still is!' to which the audience perks up a bit, comedian jumps on this. He says to me 'Oh, so you're seperated then?' and I say 'No' with a big grin on my face. He asks me to explain what my husband would think of me out with another man to which I reply 'He doesn't mind, he's out with his gf right now'. Comedian is loving this, with great flourish pulls his stool up in front of our table and asks some more questions. I tell him I'm polyamorous and he politely asks a couple questions. At one point, my bf tried to enter the conversation, but the comic shut him down with some smart ass comment about me being 'the one in charge with 2 men in my life' :P He didn't really joke too much, he seemed curious and just a bit flabbergasted. He said 'You know, the you've really freaked out the audience with all this, but it's the strongest reaction from this crowd I've got all night!'

It really was rather funny, my heart was racing the whole time, but it felt so incredibly liberating to just be open about it. The comedian wasn't rude or disrespectful, he handled it well. Don't think anyone had ever answered his 'Have you ever been married?' question quite like that before :P
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