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"Here, Vegetarian GF of mine. Try this steak. It's awesome. Really. <pushes it down your throat>. Why don't you like it? Can't you see how great it is? The seasonings are awesome, and it's such a perfect cut of meat, and cooked so perfectly. You're just not seeing the positives in it!"

You do get to say you don't like steak. Or, you should be able to have TIME to digest what's going on.

You seem to be getting bullied and steamrolled into this ("You okay with it NOW? No? Well, how about NOW? NOW? NOWNOWNOW?"). This is not loving treatment.

Hugs... I'm sorry you're hurting, but this is NOT the right way to go about starting a Poly relationship. Even if you were open to it, you may still have a lot of issues to deal with before it ever becomes comfortable. In my case, I knew my partner was poly before getting into a relationship with him, and I *still* had a long way to go (still do).

Look out for yourself and your feelings, and don't let anyone tell you how you *should* feel. "Should" should be a four-letter word.
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