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Default Timing is everything...

Timing. It really is everything.

In NH, vehicle inspection is due to be completed at the end of your birth month. I usually have time off at the end of the month, so last week (or rather, early this week), after I brought the kids back to their dad's, I renewed my registration and went for my inspection.

You see where this is going, don't you?


I had forgotten that, a while back, the strap holding my muffler had rotted through, and P jury-rigged a fix with some fencing wire to hold that puppy on. Apparently, that's not a "proper restraint". Who knew?

So I get to get the car fixed. Nobody could get the part until today. Well, sorta.

Snowstorm started early this morning, and it's supposed to continue through the night, leaving about a foot of snow (at least it's COLD, so it's the fluffy stuff). No parts and the roads are getting worse. I'll call the guy tomorrow and see if we can work something out then (if he's got the part) before I drive down to P's so we can go to NYC this weekend.

Otherwise, I'm driving down to P's with an out-of-date sticker (and the paper in my glove box that says why, along with the hope that anyone who pulls me over isn't a jerk about it).


Four days apart from P again, then four days on our trip. When return, there should be another cord of wood waiting for us to stack. I really cut it close with this cord - I've got maybe a day's worth left, and I have a day left in the house before going away. I love efficiency, but that's really pushing it.

Still grappling with the negative thoughts creeping in. Had the epiphany last night (after a couple glasses of wine) that all that mellows out after a couple drinks. I really don't want to self-medicate that way to reduce the negativity, so I want to figure out what gives... why I'm all gloom and woe at times without the happy juice, and how to get rid of that feeling without it. There's something that it's dulling that lets me just be in the moment without dwelling on shit... how do I get there otherwise?

I think Mags posted something a while back about acknowledging the feelings, then moving on - immersing yourself in the moment. I have a hard time not dwelling on them and chewing on them over and over again, like I'm trying to fix them. Maybe I can't. At least, maybe I can't fix all of them right then. Maybe realizing that is step one of acknowledging them and moving on?

A good exercise. I think tonight will be a tea night. I've got lots of chai from Teavana that I need to get through anyway.

Anyway, I'm inside today (except for when I'm outside getting wood or pushing snow around). I've got stuff to keep me busy, and I even bought myself Mario Kart yesterday (okay, I'm still a bit of a kid inside) to play with when I get bored with crap TV. Also got my Mel Brooks box set that I should watch more of. Hope all you folks dealing with the storm stay safe and warm today!
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