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Ok as I have been researching couple privilege let me clarify something a bit. The woman we were seeing not only did we see together (not just sexually but just being with her as a full relationship) we also saw on single basis. We spent time with her separately so she had a connection with us both in very different ways. The way I connected with her was not the same way my wife connected with her. We enjoyed being together as 3 but also enjoyed being together with each other separately in 2 as well. For us it was a great balance. She just wasn't ready, I guess. Her explanations always contradict themselves of why she ended it with us.
My wife and I have discussed very much about going off on our own and having relationships by ourselves with others. We are open to it but of course in the long run would love to find a triad like what we had with our ex but much longer term of course. If it doesn't happen well then life goes on. It is just our hope that something like what we had would still be possible in a much more concrete long term situation someday in the future. We are also trying to find where a good place to meet like minded women are because even the few occasions we have somewhat branched off by ourselves (and even together) there are a lot of women who think its all about sex or end up telling us (or the one of us) that they want to give their husband an anniversary gift... Obviously that isn't what we are looking for. We both are still young and have many goals to accomplish in our lives so we would like to keep the option open. And before anyone wants to become hostile about the "unicorn" situation we are open to going off on our own just confused on how exactly it would all work out, whether that be short term or long term. We are still generally new to the poly lifestyle and all of its possibilities. We are reading and researching through this forum (which is really great by the way) about triads, primaries and secondary relationships, other types of poly relationships. We have been seeking a triad I guess for years now but with terminology and in depth information, we are new to that. This forum is really helping with us learning how stable long term poly relationships can work and the different ways they are working. Thanks so far.

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