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I always wear my wedding ring. (But I've noticed, from reading many international forums, that in my country (somewhere in Europe) people pay much less attention to wedding rings).

Whenever someone starts to flirt with me, the conversation tends to drift to love and relationships pretty soon - probably because it's one of my favorite subjects and I don't do small talk.
So it often comes up within minutes of starting to talk someone (I mean when there's really hitting on/ flirting involved).

I usually say 'I'm taken but available' (sounds better in my language, trust me) and then they ask 'how does that work?' and I tell them everybody knows about everybody and honesty is key, and then a nice conversation about the subject starts.

I could never get involved even a little bit with someone who did not know off the bat what the situation was. Did that once, gave me a lot of heartache. So I might as well tell them straight up.
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