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Default Lesbian Poly Talk, Maybe Help

Hello Everyone,
Well my wife and I (Lesbian couple) are new to this forum and so far glad we have found it. So a bit about us is that years ago we decided to go poly (didn't actually know about the labels and lifestyle until recently though). At first it was mostly just sexual. As we kept meeting women and women who we just didn't click with emotionally we decided we wanted to find a long term equal third in our relationship. Since we weren't asking for the woman to be bi and into a man and a woman since we are a lesbian couple we thought maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Well about 3 years later we actually found a woman. It, unfortunately, was short lived though.
This woman was pretty much perfect for us we thought. When we were with her we did feel a completion to everything. We honestly both fell in love with her. But she ended it because even though she said she was ready for this type of relationship (she was in a similar one before) and long term she became scared. Personally I think she was scared of losing her independence with us and actually falling for us. I don't really know, it was a heartbreak that we have to move on from. She can confuse us all around when she barely speaks to us anymore but she still wants to say she has feelings for us and wants to see us. Ugh women.
Anyhow I guess what I should be getting at is the main thing for any possible help. Even though we are a lesbian couple is the unicorn hunter still relevant and should we just give up on that scenario altogether? I haven't found a lot of discussion on women with women with women poly pretty much anywhere. We want to find more like minded women to try something with but it is of course discouraging. We talk to many women interested in the possibility but the chemistry is never there. Maybe what we are looking for we have to high of a laundry list to even consider anyone. I don't know if we would be ready to branch out with poly on our own. It could be a possibility but I do very much love my wife and everything is always better when I'm with her anyways even with all of the women we have met over the years. In all honesty through our search it doesn't seem that the problem is us looking for an equal third, since many seem interested in that. We just can't find a woman who we both have great intellectual and sexual chemistry with. Any places you guys suggest to look at for like minded women?
Hope this wasn't to much or to everywhere. Thanks for any replies.
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