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NYE was amazing.

Had a lazy day up until 5 (working on photos) when I got everything ready for the night.

Woodsmith and I got to the venue at 6:30 to start working on set up (a good thing since the dressing room needed to be done). SB, KB, and NT got there around 6:45. At 7:30 I got dressed into the outfit for the fire demo.

8 pm, show starts. I also got to be a demo bunny for the dry ice branding demo (unfortunately I have mutant skin that doesn't take to dry ice). 9:15 we started setting up for the fire demo. 9:30 did fleshing with KB and then helped safety during the flogging between her and SB. A guy from KC actually wants the three of us to do fire demos out there.

Hung out with friends, Woodsmith, SB, and KB during the show (save when I was performing). Did my fire fan routine in a leather corset dress. Got lots of kisses from both boys at midnight(ish). Had yummy food. Got food for the dom who did the dry ice branding (he's on crutches at the moment). Talked fire, ice, and knives.

Woodsmith headed out to another party around 12:30 (O had to stay till pay at 1:30) and I went home with SB, KB, and NT. Spent till about 3:00 with SB, came home, and got ready to go with Woodsmith over to my parents for my dad's birthday.

More shows like last night should be happening. PEople loved the routines.

New Year's Resolutions:
1) Get back to my 3X a week exercise (especially once my PT is over)
2) Find a better paying job for money to be less stressful.
3) Continue having a happy life with Woodsmith.
4) Dedicate more time to my photography.
5) Try to do either a fire or burlesque show a month.
6) Be making enough through number 2, 4, and 5 to be able to only do modeling for friends.
7) Be an amazing partner and metamour for my poly family.
8) Grow in my submissiveness and fetishes with SB.
Cattiva: Me
Woodsmith: My husband
Tighearn: boyfriend/dom
Merry: Tig's wife/slave
N8: Merry's boyfriend/owner
Elle: N8 girlfriend
Ruby: Part of the Leather Family
Logan: Leather Sir in the Family
Arc: Logan's boy
Holly: Leather family
K: Holly's sub
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