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Originally Posted by PolyinPractice View Post
Hmmmm, MMF? Does your husband object to poly or to the structure? Do you need the men to get along? Sometimes that's difficult. What if you suggest you and he just both date others. ... which would likely create two vees... with you as one point with the two guys on both sides and him as a point with the women on each side. Or he may simply not be interested in sustaining another relationship. Is it possible he feels preded by you to date? Just trying to see his objections. ...
He is mono with no interest in a poly relationship what so ever. Which makes me sad of course. We have grown apart over the last few years as I feel alienated for even suggesting it. I own my feelings though as I surpressed my nature and thought I could be happy in a mono relationship. Its my own fault for settling. It's a new year though and time to start loving myself enough to make positive changes. By my stating I was lonely, what I had meant was that i dont have any poly friends locally to talk to and it's a lonely path to navigate when you are with a mono partner who doesnt understand in the least. Being a part of an online community should help a bit with that and maybe give me hope that my fantasies could be a reality some day. Cheers!
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