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Default Goodbye 2013, Welcome in 2014

So many posts on facebook today about how awful 2013 was. It got me to ponder. But-I didnít find this to be true in my life.
This was the first year that I can honestly say we had no significant outside drama negatively impacting our household.

There was no custody bullshit from Maca's ex-wife.
There was no kid drama.
There was no drama from extended family.
There was no drama created by potential lovers.
There was no drama from the poly community.
There was no major issue with my depression.
No major financial crisis.

Our life was pretty damn mild this year. There were some stresses and annoyances. Maca working out of town for 7 months. GG being distant and oblivious. Sweet Pea became a teenager, with all of the mood swings that go along with it. Sour Pea frustrated about learning that school isnít optional. But nothing SIGNIFICANTLY stressful or upsetting.

In fact, I would have to say that of all of the years weíve been together, this was the best year Maca and I had. Our efforts in 2012 to work through prior conflicts and resolve some of our major communication issues paid off in spades in 2013. We were able to communicate through all of the little things that cropped up without any serious misunderstandings. We found ourselves able to discuss previously difficult topics without creating conflict. Our trust in ourselves as individuals and each other and as a couple increased 10-fold. We found ourselves almost effortlessly working together through the myriad difficulties that life tossed our way. We even found ourselves enjoying it.

School was awesome. There was one dramatic experience with a homophobic, ignorant instructor (still got an A in her class). But I handled it with aplomb. I impressed several instructors besides the statistics instructor in my duties as a teachers aid for statistics. I survived math 107 online (not doing any more math classes online!) with a B. I learned which area of psychology I REALLY want to go into. I decided I want to minor in statistics (even though it means taking 3-4 more math classes and 4-5 more statistics classes). I finished out the year by finally managing to get my overall GPA over a 3.0. Very impressed.

I got my butt to the gym more often than not. I used the treadmill at home when I wasnít up for the gym. I used our weight bench at home. I didnít lose any weight, but I didnít gain any either and I did manage to increase my exercise by quite a bit over the course of the year-which makes me feel better. It helps my depression, but it also makes my body feel better and gives me more motivation. I started doing handstands again (I know-who cares-I do) and am working towards gaining enough upper body strength to be able to do push-ups in the hand stand position again (not there yet).

I went snorkeling this year, off of a boat, without getting sea sick, panicking or having an asthma attack (a huge accomplishment for me). I also managed to go for a several hours along the coast, where I saw a beautiful turtle in its natural environment. A small amount of panic, but I pulled myself together and continued, instead of going straight back to shore. An amazing improvement from being terrified of the ocean and unwilling to even try going on a boat.
I also took the ferry to Kodiak (and back), which again, I managed without puking my brains out, only a mild case of seasickness. We saw whales (for miles) swimming alongside of the ferry and a BEAUTIFUL sunset out in the ocean.

I crocheted a number of different difficult clothing items (and FINISHED them) with some encouragement from online friends. I learned how to do a couple different vests, including a pattern I made up myself. I made several skirts, using combined motifs, I made a top that had a zipper to sew in (by hand). A sweater, a toddler matching pants and top set, several different styles of hats (too easy) and some baby cocoons (also very easy).

Overall, I have to say that 2013 was a spectacular year for me. I accomplished so many more goals than I could have guessed or even hoped to. I didnít have any New Years Resolutions that I can recall; but if I had, then I certainly surpassed them in 2013.

So now, to 2014. I am looking forward to 2014. I am looking forward to

learning how to knit, so I can make some stirrup socks I want.
finishing a crocheted full length dress.
learning to play racquetball with the kids (who got rackets and eye wear for Christmas).
taking more walks with friends, including going snow shoeing (hopefully next week).
handstand push-ups
Happy New Year! 2014, here I come!

(and a new grandbaby-can't believe I forgot to put that in my original blog post! Coconut was born in 2013. )
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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