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Sounds like a hideous film. And sounds like you've been having a tough time recently. That sucks. I hope that it eases soon.

I have started watching Breaking Bad with my partner. The actor who plays the son in it has CP. The character he plays has more physical limitations than he does himself. I very much like the portrayal. Plus he's an extremely attractive young bloke.

Breaking Bad itself I find addictive but incredibly bleak. Although I do think that the handling of drug addiction in it is done in a nuanced way.

I hope that your new years resolutions go well. They sound like good ones.

Originally Posted by bofish View Post
I am trying to figure out the function of "dating" in my life. I'm poly. It's a little, for me, like being single. I have a family to come home to and security. On my dates, there is a lot of pressure off because I won't marry someone else and I don't care how much money a guy makes (something I here is common in dating).
I have often wondered about "dating". I've never actually done it myself and I think I might be interested to do so if I were ever single again.

Funnily enough, although I wouldn't describe myself as single, maybe I would appear so to you. I live alone with a dog - so no family to come home to. I wouldn't get married anyway (I have several moral objections to marriage) so that isn't on the table. I don't care how much money my partner makes. I earn enough money to run my car, my house and have a social life - I have no need at the moment to be looked after.

I agree, though, that it is less pressure. I have never entered into a relationship looking for marriage, security or money.

Frees me up to have relationships with people I get on with and who I think are going to be good partners. Also frees me up to have no romantic relationships at all for as long as I like. My life is as secure as life can be and happy and I'm supported by good friends so I tend not to look for romance. Last time I came out of a long relationship, I had lots of interests to follow and studying to do. It took 7 years before I felt I had time and space to be romantically involved with anybody again.

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