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So I ended up going to the game store after all today. C3 messaged me to please come, so I did. He was really strange again - flirting wih me and then acting distant. He gave me this hug when I walked in - holy shit even during sex I've never been hugged like that. Incredible. He brought the game I had wanted to play and 6 of us played it and I ended up winning it for my team. Awesomesauce.

C was there today as well. He bought me lunch and we talked a little bit. I think he wanted me to go home with him but he didn't come out with it, so I didn't. I wouldn't have anyway - I don't want any more partners at the moment, even if I've been with him before.

I left later and met up with a guy from OKC for dinner. He was strange. We will call him X. Anyway, X was nice enough and we ate a really nice restaurant. I paid for myself though. I don't think I will see him again - he was short, had large ears and was just not my physical type at all. He had been in poly relationships on and off for the past 10 years and is currently single, but I just wasn't into him much. He lives an hour drive away, which isn't horrible. Toward the end of the date, he was much more animated and interesting. I liked him better. He got a hug.

What else? While at the game store, someone came in and was talking to peeps. I saw him checking me out. It was notable because he was wearing a full suit! I didn't think anything of it, because guys check me out all the time. Anyway, he friended me on Facebook tonight. I am told he works nights at the store. His Facebook doesn't have any pics of himself though, which I find weird.

C3 messaged me for like an hour just now, after I got home from my date. He told me again that me being married was a deal breaker. It is clear he is into me, so I flirted with him shamelessly over IM. He gave it back, but I am certain that it will go nowhere. He is telling me the truth - he isn't poly and the thought of me being married makes it a nonstarter. Too bad. I would cuddle him so hard!

Oh, A also messaged me today. He is back from his trip and wants to see me on Thursday.
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