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Well I finally got the conservative guy to bite.


From: Conservative
To: kdt26417, Astronomer
Cc: the Rest of the Gang
Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2013
Subject: Papal Influence

[In kdt26417's words:] Conservative pretty much dismissed the Pope with a wave of his hand. After all, he said, the Pope is just some puny guy propping up a flimsy, dying church. Yusuf al-Qaradawi has much more power and influence. The Catholic Church is eroding into an insignificant status for rank-and-file Westerners.

Atheist socialism is no paradise. Remember the 20th century? Americans clearly don't remember that. They don't care about logic and clarity, just about political correctness. Therefore, the Pope's agenda is uninteresting to Conservative. But for argument's sake let's say the Catholic Church is true. Then why isn't the Pope standing up for traditional family values and worship of the Virgin Mary? Sounds like he just wants to serve the elite narcissists who enjoy free reign in America.

Vladimir Putin is much more interesting. You might be interested in reading his New Year's letter.


The letter Conservative spoke of (linked to above) is a scathing indictment against America for tip-toe-ing around liberal mogels, allowing, for instance, the courts to defy the will of the people and allow same-sex marriage. Knowing Conservative as I do, I know that he's passive-aggressive and would never speak out with such cutting words as Putin did. But the fact that he referenced the New Year's letter says it all. I am convinced that he was angered and offended by my Pope plugging, and aiming a stinging hard-line conservative letter at me was his bit of divine justice. Those who desire to have their feathers ruffled should definitely click on the above link.

But since Conservative took the time to respond to my email, I thought some sucking up was in order. After all, I want him to see that participating in the discussion will earn him a reward. (Damn I'm cynical.) So ...


From: kdt26417
To: Conservative, Astronomer
Cc: the Rest of the Gang
Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hmmm, interesting ... I didn't realize Putin was a staunch conservative. A conservative with pizzazz, if I may say so. But I don't think Putin and Fracis are in any danger of chatting over tea anytime soon.

I think Putin has given voice to what every faithful conservative in America fears: that the growing foothold of liberal policy is going to suck out the backbone of this once-proud nation and leave it to the buzzards to pick dry.

As for Catholicism, I am not prepared to say that it has become a weak and insignificant force in the world. As Putin said, the quiet majority is conservative, and that surely includes conservative Catholics. But, I think that Catholicism's hold is beginning to slip, especially in terms of the youth who are not attending (and contributing) as much as their parents were. Thus, the Catholic Church is trying to scoop up the youth by championing what the Church believes the youth want. I think that has something to do with why Francis was elected to be the Pope.

I am actually glad that Putin is embracing the values of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Russia is rich in that kind of history, and suffered culturally without it when communist rulers bade the people worship the government rather than the Church. I think that Russia needs to experience a time of religious loyalty in order to recover from that repression. Who knows, maybe Eastern Orthodoxy will supplant Rome as the dictator of original Catholicism in the West. Should be quite a showdown.

I think socialism can work if it's accompanied by honest democracy. Even Putin might agree with that. The problem is, America is too much controlled by special interests. I myself can see that. The system is rigged.

I asked Lawyer [another member of the gang] what he thought of Mars mission prospects and he responded that he's in favor of it as long as America fixes its debt problem first. At the rate we are going, he predicts the collapse of our nation in about fifty years. Not a very good legacy to leave for our children. So I am inclined to agree that the national debt is the one thing rank-and-file liberals and conservatives alike tend to underestimate. We're all busy fighting over homosexuality while the government runs our collective credit cards through the roof. I don't know if Lawyer's prediction is right, but maybe I'm kind of glad that I probably won't live longer than fifty more years. You see, there's my selfishness coming out ...

Well Conservative, I appreciate your posting your thoughts and I know I goaded you, which is why I consider it fair enough to receive a sophisticated taunt by Putin in return. I was just surprised that the current Pope is as liberal-minded as he seems to be. The fly in the ointment seems to be his failure to address the molestation of children by priests. But rumor has it that he's finally starting to address that issue. I hope it's true. Conservatives and liberals alike will agree that such sexual abuse is a terrible and onerous thing. It needs to be stopped and corrected with a strong hand.

I am interested to hear what any of you other guys would like to say, if you get time and opportunity to say it.

Kevin T.


Didn't the prior Pope resign? If so, perhaps that's another reason why Pope Francis was elected. A face-saving measure, if you will.


From: Programmer
To: kdt26417, Conservative, Astronomer
Cc: the Rest of the Gang
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2013

[In kdt26417's words:] Programmer only touched briefly on the Pope, saying he didn't know a whole lot about that topic and that he agreed with me that trying to change too much too quickly in the Catholic Church would do more harm than good.

With that, Programmer then transitioned into another topic he wanted to discuss. Or topic cluster:
  • Should we be donating organs when the recipients suffer terrible side effects from the body's tendency to reject the implant? Conservative once said the answer is no.
  • What happens to survival of the fittest when we prop up the weak with organ implants, life extension, and other modern luxuries?
  • What of life extension itself, what about all the problems it (would) cause/s?
Since the above-listed questions are out of scope for this thread, I'll not delve further into what Programmer said unless it be requested by you guys, in which case I'll start a new thread on the subject.


As far as I know, that concludes the gang's Pope discussion. The guys have moved on to other topics, I think.
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